Un-Manning Private Bradley

Well, it seems that the diminutive traitor formerly known as Private Bradley Manning and now preferring to be called Chelsea Elizabeth Manning will be allowed to remain in relatively safe military confinement rather than be sent to a federal civilian prison. In Leavenworth he will be provided with and permitted to wear feminine foundational items. He might also get some hormone shots which will, he hopes, get rid of his icky leg- and armpit-hair and pump up his boobs a bit. This is “the [rudimentary] medical treatment she (i. e. Bradley) deserves and is entitled to under the law,” says the erstwhile soldier’s attorney, one David Coombs. Deserves and is entitled to, please note. Manning hopes for more: surgical expertise to render himself an Atys, beloved of Kybele, or one of her priests, the Galloi. Once a eunuch, always a eunuch. Anyway, the Army wanted to hand Brad over to a civilian prison where they could provide such accommodations. Such was their professed interest.

A wave of nausea has overcome most who have heard or read this latest chapter in this particular saga of human confusion and cognitive dissonance. The very public Private has been sentenced to thirty-five years in the Big House. What is the point, any curious reader might ponder, of making oneself a female mannikin in those circumstances? Does he hope to marry a young gentleman of good family and bear his children?

The medical arts, alas, cannot transplant the soul of a troubled person.

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